Zephyr League of Legends Tournament

All matches will be played on these dates/times:

Pool matches
Monday 12 november 19:00-22:00
Wednesday 14 november 19:00-22:00
Monday 19 november 19:00-22:00

Semi finals
Wednesday 21 november 18:30-22:00 (best of 3)

Lower bracket 3rd place match
Saturday 24 november 11:00 – 14:00 (Streamed best of 3 played online)

Lower bracket finals
Saturday 24 november 14:30 – max 20:00 (Streamed best of 5 played offline on location)

Upper bracket 3rd place match
Sunday 25 november 11:00 – 14:00 (Streamed best of 3 played online)

Upper bracket finals
Sunday 25 november 14:30 – max 20:00 (Streamed best of 5 played offline on location)

Keep in mind that for the live finals you will need to bring your own hardware!

Rules for the Zephyr League of Legends Tournament 2018

By signing up for the Zephyr Tournament 2018 you accept that:
-Your team(with or without subs) can play on the dates stated on the previous tab;
-Your team is able to play IRL in Eindhoven on Saturday (lower bracket) or Sunday (higher bracket) for the finals of the given brackets;
-You are all signing up on your highest ranked account (no smurfs);
-The payment is 15,- euro, – 1 euro for each zephyr member(max discount of €5,-) in the main line-up, substitutes are highly advised and will not cost extra money for the team;
-All the payments will go to the prize pool
-There is a zero toxicity tolerance. Severe penalties as far as complete disqualification can be given when toxicity occurs.

The set-up of the tournament:
-There will be groups of 4 teams each;
-Each Team will play a best of two against each team in the group;
-Going 2-0 against a team rewards the winning team 3 points and the losing team 0 points. Going 1-1 rewards both team with 1 point;
-After each match the winning team has to send a screenshot of the end screen or match history stats screen;
-Depending on the number of groups, the number 1 (and number 2) of each group will go on to play semi-finals;
-If there were to be a tie-break, a 1v1 will be held between the teams where each player can chose a player to represent the team. The 1v1 will be played on Howling Abyss with the ruleset of 3 bans in ABBAAB style followed by a blind pick. The player to ban first can be decided between the teams or with a coin toss. The first player to get First Blood, First Turret or 100 CS wins the game and the tie-break. (When this is the case ask the staff for spectating and validation of this 1v1);
-If it were the case that a team cannot play on a certain date because something major came in the way, please contact the admins as soon as possible so we can discuss something so that the matches still can be played. If this is not done on time or the reason is not acceptable, this will result in a 2-0 for the enemy team;
Furthermore, the decisions of the admins are final when not conflicting with these rules

Form a team, start training and become the Zephyr League of Legends Champions of 2018!