ESEV Zephyr

Open evenings

Are you interested in Zephyr? Then come by one of our open evenings in September!

Open evenings
Throughout the whole month of September everybody is invited to come check us out during one of our weekly evenings. Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, from 18:00 until 22:00, we are playing various games in the Fenix building on the Tu/e campus. You are welcome to come by on any of these days to see what Zephyr is like, meet other people who play your favorite games and maybe even join an esports team.

Game schedule
Since there are many, many games, we have made a schedule for what games will be the focus of our evenings, you can see this below. If your favorite game is not on there, make sure to come by during one of the ‘party games’ evenings, as we try to have smaller communities meet up there. There will always be people playing various other games that are not on the schedule, so don’t be afraid of coming by during evenings when your game is not listed, we always have some fun planned.

See you there!