Zephyr Chtulhu

Currently, in our second year, Zephyr Cthulhu has seen a huge increase in both skill and team size. From a few active members to a full-scale team with even 2 substitutes, we are looking forward to the coming years. From an average rank of silver 3 to gold 3 in just a few months well be trying our best to compete with the big boys within not only Zephyr but all esports associations. Looking forward to seeing you on the rift!

Summoner Name Role Rank
Superheibel Top Silver 2
Lagoles66 Jungle Gold 3
To fenrir Mid Gold 3
Midnooid ADC Unranked
AlbinoPinguin Support Unranked
Opticmlgbanter Substitute Gold 1
Impyromaniac Substitute Platinum 5
Jojo606 Substitute Gold 2
Sjongo Coach/Substitute Bronze 1