Zephyr Hydra

The first team of Zephyr to claim its mythological creature, Zephyr Hydra could rightfully be regarded as the oldest team of Zephyr. Brought together during our first open trainings by none other than head coach Rens van Kalken, we were destined for greatness. In our first year we participated in the TesLAN, where we won our gaming mouses. We also participated in the DCL Talented League, and crushed the opposition. This earned us fat stacks of Riot points, and a promotion. We then proceeded to play in the Talent League. Starting at the bottom, we managed to make it to the fourth place in our poule last year. This year, with a stronger line-up than ever before, we intend to claim our place at the top.

Though our roster has changed over the years, our attitude remains unchanged:
Good luck Try hard, have fun.

Hail Hydra!

Summoner Name Role Rank
Total 5 Traitor Top Diamond 3
KAST Aftershock Jungle Platinum 1
Alexander9133 Mid Diamond 4
TBL4 ADC Diamond 4
Go4Jaguar Support Platinum 1
Total 5 Destiny Substitute Platinum 3
Vohamanah Coach/Substitute Platinum 5
HappyHand Coach/Substitute Platinum 3


Tournament Result
TesLan 2017 2nd
DCL Talented League 1st
DCL Talent League 4th
TesLan 2018 LoL 5v5 Tournament 3rd