Zephyr Manticore

We, Manticore, are a team dedicated to being the best.
And as a result, we aced the test. We won, without anyone able to compete, the 1v1, as well as the 2v2 tournament of Zephyr, making everyone retreat. Once we enter the Abyss, we never miss. Our main challenge is the rift. But with our players, victory will be swift.
We are here, one of Zephyr and will make sure, that everyone will know us as Team Manticore.

Summoner Name Role Rank
Timonveldt Top Platinum 1
Ghostbomber Jungle Platinum 3
TheLarski25 Mid Gold 3
Mjartin ADC Platinum 1
Seductive Scuttle Support Gold 2
Nicozon Substitute Gold 4
Nightlon Coach Platinum 4


Tournament Result
Zephyr Frikandellen Tournament 1st
Zephyr MSI 1 v 1 Tournament 1st