Zephyr Phoenix

Top. Mid. Bot. Jungle.
Long ago, risen from the ashes of Zephyr’s second ever team, the most handsome players at Zephyr played together in harmony. The combination of the golden-bordered veterans Martheos and Marauderking, heavy-lifter Arkarov and the rookies Nielsjansen and Cookietree was excited to once again fight with the big boys in the Talent League. The future was looking bright, it looked like once again they would rise to the top of the standings.

Then, everything changed when the tilt attacked Martheos. Only his Irelia could stop the tilt, but when the world needed him most, he got washed up. One year passed and the remaining players discovered a new tilt-proof player, a top laner named Swingende Mango, and although his attitude is great, he has a lot to learn before he’s ready to carry anyone. But we believe Swingende Mango can rise again to be the tilt-proof top laner we never had.

Now that we have shed our golden-tiered feathers we are ready to once again rise to the top of the standings. No one will be able to stop us, since we will always come back. As a phoenix, we rise again, again, and again.

Summoner Name Role Rank
Swingende Mango Top Gold 2
Nielsjansen Jungle Platinum 2
Cookietree Mid Gold 1
Arkarov ADC Diamond 4
Marauderking Support Gold 3
Auxiliary Angel Substitute Diamond 4
Martheos Coach -


Tournament Result
DCL Talent League 2015-2016 3rd
Zephyr Low Elo Tournament 2017 2nd
Zephyr High Elo Tournement 2018 5-6th