On this page you can find information regarding well-being within Zephyr. If any of the information listed below is unclear to you, you can always contact the board or the persons listed on this page.

Confidential contact person

If you feel like you want to talk to someone about Zephyr, personal experiences or just anything in general, you can contact a confidential contact person.

At this point Zephyr has one appointed confidential contact person, this is Pim van Leeuwen. He is a member of the association and has board experience within Zephyr. He is always willing to listen to anything you have to say even if it is just for a personal chat. Furthermore all of the conversations with him will be confidential and no actions will be taken without your permission.

You do not need huge topics to contact a confidential contact person, even if you just feel like you want someone to talk to a confidential contact person will make some time to listen to you. The contact information is listed on this page, but you can of course also approach them in person (during a training for example).

You can contact Pim as follows:

Phone number: +31 6 40 31 49 85
Discord: ThePimenator#5140

(Anonymous) contact form

If you have any topics you want to bring to the attention of the board you can fill out the contact form. You can use this form for all kinds of topics ranging from compliments to serious issues. The form can be filled out completely anonymously (every field is optional) and will only be read by members of the board and the advisory council.

You can find the form here: https://forms.gle/vRsAmoqx7gA2irZR8