ESEV Zephyr

Congratulations to Zephyr Fiziks for winning the 2023 Counter-Strike Internal Rankings tournament. The match was a BO3 held between Zephyr Fiziks and Zephyr Wendigo who were the finalists of the CS Internal Ranking Tournament.

The first game was held on the esteemed map of Ancient. It had a close start, but in the end Zephyr Fiziks ended up getting the momentum and pulling away. 

The second game and the decider was battled out on Overpass. Zephyr Wendigo had an incredible start and pulled ahead of Zephyr Fiziks. However, due to some baller individual plays Zephyr Fiziks managed to take the initiative back, to finally close out the match in overtime.

Enjoy the honor and discounted Jerseys Fiziks!