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Welcome to the Zephyr Sub-Community page!

Here you can find out everything about our active communities within Zephyr besides our main competitive games. At Zephyr, we are very proud of our members and their diverse interests, that is why we officially represent these interests through Sub-Communities.

Sub-Communities are groups that share an interest and are officially represented by Zephyr. Zephyr actively supports the advertisement and event hosting of Sub-Communities. The Sub-Community creation process is very straightforward, find out more down below!

our sub-communities


5-10 Members

Card Games

10-20 Members

Overwatch 2

5-10 Members


1-5 Members

Making a Sub-Community


By making a Sub-Community you will give your community a voice within Zephyr by selecting a representative. The representative will provide a direct line of communication to the board and the AC where you can voice your opinions and concerns. You will also be provided with a community-specific role in the Discord for communication and hosting in the Zephyr Discord.


As an official Sub-Community of Zephyr, you will be given opportunities to show off your community at themed LAN evenings. Where with the help of the Board and the Activities Committee you will be able to organise bigger and better events! As an official community represented under Zephyr, the Sub-Community will importantly be advertised and represented during the intro week, from which a lot of new members may be interested in being part of the Sub-Community. 


We wish for the barrier of making a Sub-Community to be as minor as possible so that we can give as many Sub-Communities as possible the opportunity to grow!


Therefore, all we require is the Sub-Community to have one representative Zephyr member to be in charge of it at all times. The representative will be the main contact person and responsible for the sub-community. If the representative wishes to quit their role, they will either need to find a new representative and communicate that or suspend the sub-community.


Lastly, we also hope at least someone from the Sub-Community will be available during the intro and open training period to advertise the Sub-Community to potential new Zephyr Members!

How do I make a Sub-Community?

To make a Sub-Community you will need to do the following:

1. Choose a name for the Sub-Community, this name should encompass what the Sub-Community represents.


2. Select a representative for the Sub-Community, the representative will be responsible and in charge of communication with the Activities Committee who are in charge of managing the Sub-Communities.


3. Submit an application with all the previous information and explain why you think your interest should be a Sub-Community at Zephyr. Here are some questions you should answer while writing your motivation.

  • What would you like to achieve by making a Sub-Community at Zephyr? (e.g. to organise events, to be a group to play or hang out together with, to create a competitive team)
  • Are there other Zephyr members who have the same interest or do you think others would like to join Zephyr to be a part of your Sub-Community? (try providing an estimated number of other people who would join)
  • How much time and effort are you willing to put into your Sub-Community?


4. Once the application has been submitted, the Activities Committee will review it and send the verdict to the representative. If you were approved then you just need to send some additional information so that we can put the Sub-Community on our Discord, Whatsapp Community and Website. If you were denied, then you will be provided feedback for why not incase you wish to submit another application with the feedback in mind.