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A new initiative has begun to foster and show off smaller communities within Zephyr, this is the Sub-Community initiative. Sub-communities are smaller communities that can be based around a specific game or a theme of games. These communities can be started by any Zephyr member and will get their own place in the ESEV Zephyr Discord server, as well as in our WhatsApp community. They will also have the opportunity to host fun LAN-evenings themed around their community, with the help of our Activities Committee.

Sub-Community blog posts



our sub-communities


5-10 Members

Card Games

10-20 Members

Overwatch 2

5-10 Members


1-5 Members

Making a Sub-Community


By making a Sub-Community you will give your community a voice within Zephyr by selecting a representative. The representative will provide a direct line of communication to the board and the AC where you can voice your opinions and concerns. You will also be provided with a community-specific role in the Discord for communication and hosting in the Zephyr Discord.

As an official Sub-Community of Zephyr, you will be given opportunities to show off your community at themed LAN evenings. Where with the help of the Board and the Activities Committee you will be able to organise bigger and better events! As an official community represented under Zephyr, the Sub-Community will also be advertised and represented during the intro week, from which a lot of new members may be interested in being part of the Sub-Community. 


We wish for the barrier of making a Sub-Community to be as minor as possible so that we can give as many Sub-Communities as possible the opportunity to grow!

Therefore, all we require is the Sub-Community to have one representative Zephyr member to be in charge of it at all times. The representative will be the main contact person and responsible for the sub-community. If the representative wishes to quit their role, they will either need to find a new representative and communicate that or to suspend the sub-community.