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About Zephyr

E.S.E.V. Zephyr is the student esports association of Eindhoven. We are the place where students interested in gaming and esports meet and play together. At Zephyr, we organize weekly training evenings and association evenings, where our members gather to play with each other. These evenings are held on the TU/e campus. During the training evenings, we help our members form teams for them to practice with and compete in the various student esports competitions held throughout the year. We also have several member-run committees that organize fun activities and competitions, such as gaming tournaments, GlowGolf or BBQs. We are currently hosting League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Counter-Strike, Rocket League and Valorant as main games. However, many members also join the trainings to hang out with the community and play other games. So no matter what you like, whether you just want to hang out with us or compete with a team at the highest level, everybody is welcome at Zephyr!

Every week we host 3 evenings of offline fun on the Tue Campus: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Monday and Wednesday competitive games are in the spotlight and Tuesdays are like mini-LAN’s where we enjoy games of all kinds.




Super Smash Bros.

League of Legends

rocket league


Other Games

Competitive games

At E.S.E.V. Zephyr, we actively support a number of ‘main games’ these are games that have a large enough community at Zephyr that we can make teams and competitions for. We do this by providing coaching, organizing fun and competitive events, hosting tryouts and maintaining a dedicated committee that oversees these activities. 

These games are the main focus of our training evenings on Monday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 22:00. We offer 10 gaming PCs and 10 extra 165Hz monitors for teams to reserve and practice on during training evenings. The competitive games we currently support can be seen below, but this changes based on interest. 

casual games

Regular casual gaming events are held in the form of bi-weekly Association Evenings, which take place every other Tuesday from 18:00-22:00. These evenings are called LAN-evenings are like mini LAN parties which are themed. Here, members come together to play fun games and participate in smaller, organized events aimed at connecting members. Examples of themed LAN-evenings are VR Games, Overwatch 2, Rhythm Games.

A new initiative has also begun to foster and showoff smaller communities within Zephyr, this is the Sub-Community initiative. Find out more here!


In the 23/24 academic year, the 9th board of E.S.E.V. Zephyr is made up of the following people:

Kajie Wang as Chair, Vera Bessems as Secretary, Bas Nijhof as Treasurer, Max van Riet as Commissioner of Internal Affairs, and Adam Fjeldså as Commissioner of External Affairs.

To see information about previous boards, visit our dedicated Boards page.


Photo of participants from the 22-23 Clash of Committees!

Committees are what make Zephyr into the active community it is, and makes sure that Zephyr runs smoothly and that fun events are organized throughout the year. Our committees are divided into single event committees, game committees, and organizational committees. You can find out more about our wonderful committees here!

If you are interested in joining one of the committees, make sure to reach out either directly to the committee or one of the board members!


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