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CS2 Internal Rankings Update 2023

CS2 Internal Rankings Update 2023

18th of December 2023

Meet our teams

At Zephyr, we have several teams for Counter-Strike that cater to different skill levels. Our teams are dedicated to improving their gameplay, and they compete in various tournaments throughout the year. Get to know our teams and find the perfect fit for your skills and ambitions.

internal ranking



Players: Sebastian (4dapse), Adam (Pluneto), Wester (sen) Niek (BaguetteSenpai), Alp (Alpi5)

Coach: Jordi (J1mmyEgg)



Players: Stefan (DeZeewierSnuivendeZeekoe), Michael (OrAnGe), Kirill (Ebybl1k), Daniel (DreamZZ), Tom (Shan)