ESEV Zephyr

Zephyr’s Internal Ranking 2023-2024

Zephyr’s yearly internal ranking has finally concluded with the top 3 consisting of Tanglad in first place. While he intimidated the other players with a sturdy Kazuya for the majority of the year, this final tournament saw him playing different characters every round, ranging from Fox and Falco to Donkey Kong and Cloud. Second place goes to… both BrockBeBrocking and Mattie, who managed to end up with the exact same amount of points. BrockBeBrocking played Kazuya for the majority of this year as well, alongside some Doctor Mario and Chrom in the final tournament, while Mattie preferred more defensive characters like Rosalina and Zelda. These three players were also the highest ranked players prior to the final tournament of the year.

However, only one of these three players managed to play in the finals of the last internal ranking tournament. Mattie had to face off against Tino, who was in seventh place prior to the tournament. His mastery of Mr. Game and Watch helped him reach the finals and even resulted in a bracket reset for victory. It was eventually Mattie who won the tournament, which resulted in getting barely enough points to tie with BrockBeBrocking.

The final ranking of this year and the top 8 of the last tournament of this ranking can be found below. We wish the returning players next year good luck with improving their results and hopefully taking home the victory.

1. Tanglad (Kazuya, Donkey Kong) – 66 points
2. BrockBeBrocking (Kazuya, Chrom) – 62 points
2. Mattie (Rosalina & Luma, Zelda) – 62 points
4. Tino (Mr. Game and Watch, Cloud) – 29 points
5. Voerzitter (Bowser) – 26 points
5. Unique (Falco, Banjo & Kazooie) – 26 points
7. Akbob (Yoshi) – 22 points
8. Muurverf (Inkling) – 19 points
9. Vincentg (Byleth) – 15 points
10. Jomp (Duck Hunt Duo) – 14 points
11. DVoid (King Dedede, Sephiroth) – 11 points
12. Umbra (Samus) – 7 points
13. Maximiliaan (King K. Rool, Steve) – 3 points
13. The_Fool (Ganondorf) – 3 points