Committees within E.S.E.V. Zephyr

League of Legends

Because League of Legends has the most players within Zephyr, the league of legends committee is very important. This committee will be tasked with organizing tournament(s) and to host internal events. The committee will be the voice of the players to the board if there ever are problems or request.

Tasks of the League of Legends committee:

  • Create teams at the start of the year,
  • Hosting internal and public tournaments,
  • Help teams with any issues they may have,
  • Be a voice for the players to the board.


The Smash committee is there for all Smashers within Zephyr, from Melee to Ultimate and even Brawl. This committee has the same responsibilities as the League of Legends committee, but then for everyone who plays smash.

Tasks of the Smash committee:

  • Host(ing) tournament(s),
  • Host internal activities for players,
  • Be a voice for the players to the board.


The activity committee will be tasked with organizing larger events for the members. Generally, these events will not be bound to a single game, but rather to help bridge the gap between the members from different games. Examples of events are the members days and pubquizzes.


The bartending committee consists out of all the bartenders that help Zephyr by working at Hubble. Hubble offers a part of the profit they generate towards all associations that partner with them, thus this is an important committee for Zephyr.


The website committee is responsible for keeping the Zephyr website functional and up to date. Also, the website committee will work closely with the board to search for improvements than can be made to the site.


The Lanparty committee is responsible for organizing the official Zephyr Lanparty. This means both the preparation for the Lanparty and the regulation on the Lanparty itself are tasks of this committee.


Arguably the most important committee of any association, the introduction committee is responsible for attracting new members during the introduction week. During this week the committee is responsible for every activity during the week, such as the Green Market on Tuesdays. Because this committee registers the newly interested students, an additional task is to organize the open trainings in the beginning of the academic year.


The Lustrum committee is a special committee set up to create a wonderful Lustrum for Zephyr. It will be tasked with making a schedule of activities and organizing these activities during the Lustrum year. 


The auditing committee is charged with the oversight of the financial reporting and disclosing. The committee works closely with the current treasurer to make sure every euro is attended for. Additionally, they have the final say in approving the budget. The auditing committee exists of old board members, this means that regular members aren’t eligible to join.